The most trying and challenging time faced by the newly elected officials upon assumption into office is the delivery of various sectoral services, vital to the day to day needs of the people which the past administration miserly failed to deliver to its constituents.

Being involved in providing basic necessities to the people in the height of COVID 19 Pandemic and for victims of typhoon ODETTE, the local officials are fully aware of the magnitude and extent of the suffering of the people.

To categorically name the damage due the undelivered needs and  its collateral sufferings of it  is inappropriate for the incumbent officials to comment. The affected constituents are the most competent and credible to declare on such issues for they were the ones who suffered.

Adhering to the truism that “everybody has his own mountain to climb “the incumbent officials never cared to look back but simply accepted the challenge. The newly elected officials assumed office at noon of June 30, 2022 and the first working day July 1, 2022, which was ushered by a Holy mass.

The next few days, immediate, informal yet important brainstorming activity was done ,prioritizing sectoral projects to be undertaken at the same time assessing resources  at hand, human and fiscal. The main ingredient in any project endeavor. When things were all in place prioritized projects were started – full speed ahead.

Implemented projects were implemented in accordance of their priority:

  1. WATERWORKS– repair and rehabilitate of pumping units which were out of order due to the urgency of the project. Working hours of the maintenance personnel were extended until late in the evening. In the event that the nature of the work is beyond the capability of maintenance personnel specialists from Cebu are called in. In a matter of days all 9 pumps of the Baclayon Waterworks System were operational. It supplies potable water to the 16 inland barangays and to the majority of the population. Long lines of water containers lined along the roads awaiting delivery vehicles became a thing of the past.
  2. HEALTH– 
    a. The municipality hired additional physicians to accommodate numerous patients in the midst of the pandemic and other medical needs.
    b. Two units of ambulance were added, a newly acquired from the Department of Health, another newly repaired.
    Hiring of more medical personnel such as responders and ambulance drivers.
     Giving incentives for the people to participate in the COVID vaccination drive.
  1. ECONOMY– 
    Fuel subsidy to fishermen.
     Activating the Fish Port facility which provided cheap fresh fish thus eliminating middle men.
     Strict enforcement of fishing laws resulting in the arrest of illegal commercial fishermen and imposing fines in the amount of P________.

Teamwork under any group undertaking assured the maximum result of desired goals. The chemistry of the present between the Executive and Legislative redounds to the well-being of the people.

As of today, the Sangguning Bayan adopted the following resolutions and which was duly approved by the Executive;

Resolution increasing birthday gift for Senior Citizens and PWDs in the amount of P 1000.00 from P 300.00

b. Resolution reducing the rate of water fee from P 10.00 to P 8.00 under graduated system.


Ongoing infra projects:

  1. Concreting on the causeway from the national highway towards Baluarte.
  2. San Isidro and Dasitam water pumps.


As of this writing, all the listed projects are subject for reporting as far as the writer can recall.

The modest achievement within the First 100 days of the present governance reflect not only under our duty and obligation as elected public servants but more so in our biblical obligation as my “ brothers keeper”.

We have “climbed our own mountain” and in the ensuing days we have foreseen that there are more taller mountains to climb. To successfully “climb your own mountain”, it has its own reward.

The view from the top is AMAZING!