As of March 19, 2020. There is NO CONFIRMED CASE of COVID-19 from our municipality.

The identification of PUI (person Under Investigation) and PUM (Person Under Monitoring) is based on the DOH algorithm for Triage of Patients with possible CoVid-19 infection in health care facilities with history of travel from country/area reporting local transmission of CoVid-19. Or Close Contact with a confirmed case of CoVid19.

All of our PUMs are currently monitored and are advise to be on home-quarantine. Most of them are stable with no symptoms. Everyday the CoVid-algorithm changes based on local datas and surge in number of cases.

We are now on active surveillance and reporting of cases with Influenza like Illnesses (ILI)and Acute Respiratory Infections (ARI) This aims to detect clustering of mild cases and guide local and regional health authorities to act. This can be done with the help of the LGU and BHERTs.

We are requesting everyone to please help report any cases of Influenza like Illnesses (fever +/- cough, sore throat, coryza +/- diarrhea) with onset within the last 10 days in your area/barangay to your respective BHERTs, these are your BHW, BRGY KAGAWAD, BRGY CAPTAIN, NDPs, MIDWIVES. Please notify the BHERTs/RHU immediately if someone is experiencing those symptoms with shortness/difficulty of breathing, worsening symptoms, those who are high risk individuals (60 years old and above, with other medical conditions such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Stroke).
Not limited to those who have travel history or exposure.

Let us be pro-active as we prepare our community during this time of health crisis. The purpose of the province-wide community quarantine is to prepare our locality for surge of cases and protect the health of our fellowmen. Observe social distancing of 1 meter (3 feet apart), proper hand hygiene, and self quarantine if you are feeling sick/unwell. You may call RHU hotline number 540-9280 for any questions regarding your symptoms.

From: Dr. Luvimae Tambis, MD (Municipal Health Officer)