On Thursday, March 23, 2023, a Local School Board meeting was held at the SB Session Hall with Mayor A. Alvin J. Uy, ECE, Vice Mayor Romulo S. Caballo, Chairperson of the SB Committee on Education, Sergio O. Ranque, Schools District Supervisor, Loreto T. Namor, Municipal Accountant, Irene Quiñal, Municipal Treasurer, school heads, Non-Academic Personnel and Teacher’s Organization Representative, and Sir Alvin A. Jabilles, National Trainer/Facilitator (Rondalla Baclayon Ensemble) in attendance.

The main agenda of the meeting, led by Schools District Supervisor Sergio O. Ranque, included discussions on the status of the realignment of travel allowance for CVRAA athletes, communication load allowance, unimplemented projects from the past 3 years, and proposed projects by Sir Alvin A. Jabilles for the Rondalla Baclayon Ensemble.

The members of the Local School Board agreed to use the proposed allowance of P40,000.00 for CVRAA athletes to support and encourage their journey toward success in the athletic field.

Other topics discussed in the meeting were the budgeting for the year and the request for pedestrian lanes.

Sir Alvin A. Jabilles expressed his eagerness to showcase the young talents of Baclayanons and to prepare them for future musical endeavors.

All members approved and seconded the proposals that were made during the meeting, ensuring that the proposals will be beneficial to all Baclayanons, especially the younger generation.

The meeting was deemed successful.